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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How to Roast Coffee Beans in the Oven: Stages & Procedure

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When you wake up in the morning and start your day with a hot cup of coffee, the rest of the time you spend gets better. Typically, most of us tend to buy coffee from a local shop and make a whole cup of coffee by pouring the tiny coffee powder packet in a hot cup of water. In addition, you may notice whole coffee beans at your local shop. Not a lot of coffee drinkers are aware of the coffee beans. 
The fact is, if you want the true delicacy and odor of having coffee, you need to have roasted coffee beans and little more work to do. There are different methods to work around roasting coffee beans. Following, we will share how to roast coffee beans in the oven.
Although there are lot of methods exists to try, the one you can certainly rely on is roasting coffee beans in an oven. Oven roasting doesn’t require much equipment to work around; simply you need a bit of higher temperature to roast beans properly. 
The flavor and other significant factor of making coffee beans depend on desired roast profile and individual roaster. Sometimes you may face flavor and odor fails to provide you the proper roasting essential. Below, you will know about the proper roasting methods, follow the sections below.
Using an oven and other popular coffee roasting methods
Are you still curious to step on to the coffee nurdery? Then, note down the proper method you should follow. Pro roasters prefer to start with the oven roasting method due to the increasing richness and flavor and sustaining the odor after roasting.
There are different ways to roast coffee beans on your own, such as, With Roasting Machine, Stove Top Popcorn Maker, Air Popcorn Maker and more. These methods are effective but in terms of holding the flavor properly and convenient for roasting, oven method is the most beneficial.
Oven methods don’t require much focusing while other methods require much attention to time and beans popping out of the jar. As the oven is fully covered, you don’t need to get worried about the coffee beans to get popped out. So, follow the subsequent section to follow how to roast coffee beans in the oven.

How to roast coffee beans in the oven?
Coffee bean is comparable to dry pinto bean, and when you put these dry pinto beans into the oven, some of its flavor starts to convert into CO2 gas and caramelized into some of the complex flavors. Following, you will know about the different stages of roasting coffee beans.
Understanding the different stages
When you start roasting coffee beans, there is some stages the coffee beans will go through. Experienced roasters have explored these ten levels and stages of roasting coffee beans. The stages and levels will depend on how you run the process. Check the stages below.
The coffee beans will be at this stage when they start to heat up with appropriate heating process. The pro roasters call this stage the virgin green essence.
You will notice the yellowish color often and it has the grassy odor that you may notice during the heating process.
Coffee beans hold some liquid inside while you buy it. You will notice the vaporizing water and steam raised from the beans.
First Crack
This is one of the vital stages while roasting coffee beans. Sugars inside the beans starting to get caramelized and you hear the cracking sound.
City Roast
This is the minimum level for starting grinding and brewing process of coffee beans, but definitely not the ideal stage to have proper flavor and odor.
City Plus Roast
The coffee beans start to swell in this stage with more sugar and caramelized flavor inside. Some coffee drinkers prefer to have coffee beans in this stage.
Full City Roast
The coffee beans start to get darker in this stage and exceed the level of city plus roasting. This stage hits the second cracking of coffee beans while heating.
Second Crack
This roasting stage exposes layers while intensifying the taste and flavor of coffee beans. This is the stage where coffee beans start to get even more intense cracking.
Dark Roast
This is the last limit of roasting to get the limited level of good flavor. The coffee beans structure starts to get broken and the sugars will burn while holding the odor and flavor of coffee beans.
The beans get to the burning stage if you don’t stop on the appropriate level or stage of heating the coffee beans.

Gathering the required appliances and tools
Oven roasting requires your patience, proper heating and stopping point. You also require having some necessary appliances and tools for roasting coffee beans. Check the tools below.
·        An Oven with high temperature capability
·        Green Beans
·        Oven Mitts
·        Timer Or Stopwatch
·        Perforated Baking Pan
·        Metal Colander

Roasting into an oven
Roasting coffee beans into an oven will make your coffee drinking more flavorful with delicacy. If you are a starter at this oven roasting procedure, you will definitely like the outcome at the end. See the step-by-step procedure of how to roast coffee beans in the oven.
·        Preheat the oven, from 450F to 500F
·        Spread coffee beans on the perorated pan
·        Place the pan into the oven with middle shelf in it
·        After 5 to 7 minutes later, you will hear the first crack
·        If you use convection oven, it may take a little more time
·        Use stopwatch to see the proper timing
·        Wait sometime to see the effect and take the tray out with mitts
·        If you don’t see your desired color, put the tray back in and wait
·        Take the tray out when it reaches your desired color

Things to do after roasting
After finishing the heating process and getting your desired color or texture, you can take out the tray and later, you need to cool the beans properly while removing the chaff as well. See the steps to follow.
Cool the beans
Take the colander and pour all the beans from the tray while using oven mitts to hold the tray. Shake the beans while they are in the colander, this will cool down the beans and remove chaff from coffee beans a bit as well.
Remove the chaff
If you see there is still chaff covered beans left in the colander, you can take another colander to cover over the other one and continue to dump the coffee beans back and forth for few times to remove the chaff from coffee beans.

Although oven roasting doesn’t have much airflow supply, it helps to enrich coffee beans with the odor and flavor, if you use the temperature properly. The flavor of the roasting coffee beans depends on the environment around and how choosy you are about picking roasted coffee beans.
Try not to roast the coffee beans with very light or dark texture. Pay attention to the time you roast and have brownish color in the first place. The procedure above may help you to find the proper way to prepare how to roast coffee beans in the oven.

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