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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

History, Truth and Top Myths about Christmas

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When Christmas finally comes, you can see the fluorescent bulb and lights with signs around that reminds you how Jesus is the only reason for this sacred day. Every board, placard, signs contain sentimental messages to convey people about the full day activity.
But do these signs put you in thought about the accurate biblical date of Christmas? How 25th December is the Christmas day? What Christmas tree symbolizes? Find these in later sections.

Myths and History about Christmas

Christmas tree as Symbol of Everlasting Life
December 21st and 22nd are the shortest day and the longest night simultaneously and they are called winter solstice. The ancient chronographers and people believed that sun was their god. As the god became ill, winter had come every year to serve the sun god.
It made them celebrate the solstice that the winter would eventually make their sun god recover from illness. Evergreen boughs would revive in trees when the sun god began to recover.
·    For the honor of Egyptian god, called Ra and Romans god of agriculture, called Saturnalia, ancient people used to decorate all their stuffs with evergreen boughs
·    Egyptians believed that the sign of green boughs was the sign of their god was recovering that represented their triumph of life over death
On the other hand, the Romans believed that solstice was the sole reason for upcoming crops and green fields that was going to grow in summer. So, they used to mark the occasion with green boughs for their temples and homes.
·      The mysterious Druids, ancient Celts priests used to decorate their home or temples that represent green boughs as symbol of everlasting life
·       The Scandinavian Vikings believed the evergreen boughs were the plant of the sun god, Balder

Jesus Born on 25th December, Truth or not
The church leaders once decided to choose a date for their sacred cult activities while there were many popular and different kinds of celebration. So, after all discussion they chose to celebrate their cult activity at 25th December, 336 A.D. in Rome.
They mainly challenged a rival religion, called the Cult of Mithra, this secluded community used to celebrate birth of their god of light on 25th December as well.
There are other theories stated by the church leaders, behind choosing the 25th December as the Christ’s birth date. Such as,
·     Julius Sextus Africanas, the Christian historian had discovered that the date of 25th December as Jesus Christ’s birth was identified a hundred years earlier
·      Many chronographers believed, as the world was created on March 25th that was on right after four days later of spring equinox, a new era has begun since that day
·        Biblical historians believed that whole idea of Jesus had also fallen on March 25th and replacing the date after nine months later, they identified Jesus’ birth

Christmas is the Top listed Important Day
This one is quite astonishing to many people. Despite Jesus birth, enchanting people, gifting, Christmas tree, placard, gift card, this day is not the most important day at all. People instead love to call ‘Easter’ an important day as it symbolizes Jesus’ eternal life rising from death.
Christmas is definitely a winner in the context of Jesus Christ’s birth but people take Easter more in their heart. As Jesus promised to live his eternal life resurrecting from death for the whole humankind, it easily catches all the importance from others.
Moreover, people celebrate Easter over 2 months at a stretch, on the other hand, Christmas barely moves over 7-8 days!  

Using ‘Xmas’ instead of Christmas Consider Disregarding
Removing ‘Christ’ from Christmas is a sin! Is this the fact or fake? Many people think removing Christ’ from Christmas is sacrilegious. Replacing Xmas represents secular X that degrades Jesus’ dignity. Is this the truth?
Take a look at the ‘Christmas’ word, the word ‘Christ’ comes from the Greek word "Χριστός" Do you see anything similar? Notice the first letter, ‘X’ and it means, ‘Chi..’  The word, ‘Chi’ writes as ‘X’ in Roman alphabet.
So, taking all this into account, Xmas in place of Christmas is no way a demeaning matter rather it’s quite logical.

Facts about Red and White Dress of Father Christmas
·        Many people believe that the traditional red and white dress of Santa symbolizes the red and white colors of a can of coke
·        Santa’s clothing comes from a Dutch Figure Sinterklaas that was also based on Saint Nicholas
·        Santa’s robe was once green that turned red over time

In conclude, Christmas is all about happiness and joyous moments that put us all together in a place. Jesus was the blessings for all humankind, not just for the specific community, that’s why people from all over the world love this day despite all the myths or negativity. People love gift giving, presenting different stuffs or in some way, weird or funny stuffs.
Wish your Christmas and holidays gets all the happy moments and a very merry Christmas to all of you.

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