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Friday, November 22, 2019

How to Use Wrist Wraps for Bench Press

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To get the strong pecs and spotter, you definitely spend an ample amount of time behind bench pressing. But thinking about the smaller parts of our body, you need to know that smaller links in the kinetic chain are essential parts for our body. Your wrists are one of them. When you are bench-pressing, they are the most active parts of your body. If your wrists can bear that line of defense, it will eventually get the pain by weight lifting. Wrist pain is one of the unpleasant moments you want to avoid. So, you need to have an assistance which you want to use to avoid this repulsive situation.  Find some best powerlifting wrist wraps that would be helpful but also, you need to know how to use wrist wraps for bench press in the first place.

Wrist wraps are the loops of clothes or you can find it as leather that you need to wrap around the wrist joint to make your bench pressing more stable. Wrist wraps limit the wrists motion and compromise bench press as well. Below, you will find out how to use wrist wraps for bench press, so just sit back and read on the later section of this article.

How to Use Wrist Wraps for Bench Press
When you try to uplift your muscle work with miscellaneous gym equipment, there is an obvious occurrence that you may face is growing muscle injury. Experts suggest, you need to have more body strength to lift up heavy gym equipment.
On the contrary, if you are an avid learner then you can use wrist wraps to save you from injuries. But there's a lot to know about how to use wrist wraps for different workouts. Here, we are going to show you how to use those for bench press.

Wearing Wrist Wraps
The wrist wraps look like pieces of durable fabrics. One of the ends will have thumb loop, get the loop end, and grip the wrist wraps with thumb loop aiming upwards.
Lining thumb loop up
Put the loop end on your thumb and pull the top of the wrist wraps and wrap the fabric around your arm and find the Velcro side. When you are done with wrapping, the Velcro will end up outside of your wrist.
Securing with Velcro
Tighten the wrist wrap by pulling the Velcro. Tightening is completely dependent on putting how much pressure you are going to take or depend on your preference. Don’t tighten so much that it hurts your palm.

Performing Exercises
At first, begin workout to fatigue your muscle and then put on your wrist wraps. Use the cotton wraps for flexibility. The snatch, clean or jerk powerlifting moves are the essential parts when performing exercises with wrist wraps on.
Using Hooks straps
Some straps include built-in hook to loop around the bar when you try to bench press or squats. You need to avoid hook straps wrist wraps since they can delay your gripping. Velcro-bound wraps tend to have hooks specially.
Keep Wrist in-line
Benching by wrists bent backwards may cause you lose power off the chest.  Wrist wraps help you keep wrist in line with your arm. It also gives you more power to bench press.
Tie the wraps properly
Make sure you don’t tie the wraps too low, wrist wraps support your wrist joint and if it gets tied below the wrist joint, it doesn’t get any support.
Choose the Right types
Make sure you choose the right types of wrist wraps. You can find two primary type of wrist wraps available in the market. The flexible one and the thicker one, Velcro-bound powerlifting-style wrist wraps that you can find to deliver you the best service.
Thinner or Thicker types
If you want your bench pressing jerk or snatch free and you are craving to do it for the max result, you need to have thinner wrist wraps. On the other hand, you need to choose the thicker wrist wraps if you are trying to max out your movement, like bench pressing or shoulder pressing.
Grow your Upper Body
Make yourself comfortable and lie on the bench press and straighten your legs with wraps on. Take barbell or dumbbells in hand and place those over your shoulder. Stretch arms, correct joints, push the lots properly over your head. Don’t make yourself hold too much weight.  This way you can improve your upper body muscle mass. Hope, this way you can grow your upper body while operating heavy upper body works.

In the end, wrist wraps are beneficial for bench pressing but you shouldn’t rely on them much. You should wear them while you are exhausted or got tired. Other than that, wrist wraps are very much essential for proper workout. We think this site helps you to find the best wrist wraps to work and improve your benchpressing.

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