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Saturday, November 30, 2019

How to Use Baitcaster Reel: Proper Casting Technique

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When you first experience fishing, you start with the basic fishing reel types, such as, traditional spinning gear. As you begin stepping up to more sophisticated approach of fishing, you try to find out more convenient and inventive ways of catching fish. There are some instruments which makes it effortless and convenient. Baitcaster is one of the tools for modern days to do it efficiently. But at first, you need to know how to use baitcaster reel accurately.
Baitcasters are more than just a tool and a versatile piece of equipment. You can catch fishes much faster with baitcaster reel which is ten times faster than the basic fishing reel. It has the technology, such as, tension knobs and braking system which gives you the total satisfaction than the traditional baits.
Below, you will find out the importance of how to use a baitcast reel accurately and other essentials with the casting technique to improve your experience of fishing.

How to use baitcast reel?
Baitcasting reels were first introduced in 17th century. Baitcasting reels are suitable for bigger fishing species. Casting and trapping fish with baitcast reel will get difficult for the first time anglers. Later, you can master your fishing knack by accurate baitcasting. Below, you will find out the steps to do the proper baitcast fishing.

Work the braking system
You can realize the workaround of the braking system. It slows the rotation of the spool and let the bait fly in the wind.When you throw the bait, the braking system will help you to reduce the speed of the spool spin and let you choose the right measurement of the thread. See how to locate the braking system with adjusting capability of baitcaster below. At first, pointing out the location and adjusting.
·        Recognizing the location of the braking system
·        Adjusting the braking system
Recognizing the location of the braking system
There are two types of baitcaster you can follow to locate the braking system. One of them is a centrifugal braking system, and the other is magnetic braking system. On centrifugal braking system, you need to remove the side plate opposite of the reel's handle and for magnetic braking system; you just need to adjust the knob to locate it.
Adjusting the braking system
To adjust the braking system, you either need to engage or disengage the levers. Engage the brakes by pushing the interior levers and to disengage you need to push the braking levers away from the center. Disengaging will allow you to cast longer bait but have a higher chance of backlashing.

Work the tension system
Tension knobs of baitcaster work to increase the tension of the spool. It stays on the same side of the handle of the reel. When you cast the bait, the spool gradually gets halted, and this is what the tension knob does. It halts the spool at the end of your cast. Below, you will find out about adjusting and testing the tension knobs. At first, see the points here.
·        Adjusting tension knobs
·        Testing the tension
Adjusting tension knobs
To adjust the tension knobs, at first, tighten or lighten your tension knobs by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. Later, adjust the bait’s tension depending on the weight.To adjust the tension knobs follow the procedure.
·        Hold the rod out in front of your disengage reel by clicking the spool release button
·        Let the bait fall to the ground
·        Here you need to focus on gently falling the bait on the ground
·        Making it so, you won’t get the backlash on the reel
·        If it falls too quickly, tighten the knob
·        If it isn’t falling at all, loosen it until it starts to fall gently
Testing the tension
To test the tension of the tension knobs-
·        Hold the bait’s rod tip
·        Click the spool release button to disengage
·        Keep adjusting your tension knobs
·        Keep adjusting until it falls gently on the ground without any backlash

Hold the baitcaster properly
Anglers tend to make mistakes when throwing the baitcaster. They will hold the spool and keep spinning it for significant amount of time. Holding like this will not ensure you enough grasp of the baitcaster. You need to know how to hold it properly. Below, you will find out the proper holding of baitcaster. Let’s see the point at first.
·        Grabbing the reel
·        Turning the rod
Grabbing the reel
Follow the points below to hold the reel properly-
·        Keep your thumb resting over the reel spool and hold the rod of the baitcaster
·        If your prefer to hold the casting rod behind the reel, you need to switch hands
·        You can put the thumb resting on the spool at a slight angle
·        This way you will get control over the flow of the line
Turning the rod
·        If you cast bait with opposite hand, the handles should put down
·        Use your wrist when you cast using spincasting gear

Release the line, spool, and cast
Releasing the bait's line, spool and cast correctly ensures the correct way of casting. If you know the proper way of holding baitcaster, you will surely handle the baitcaster. Below, you will find the proper way of releasing the line. First, check out the points below.
·        Releasing the line
·        Releasing the spool and cast
Releasing the line
Releasing line requires better casting. At first, hang the baitcaster line about 8-12 inches before you cast the bait. From tip of the rod, you can measure the line of baitcaster.
Releasing the spool and cast
Follow the procedure to release the spool and cast-
·        Press the spool release button
·        Instantly, place your thumb on the spool to prevent line running
·        Better use heavy brake and make shorter cast
·        You may want to switch your hands after casting

Pressing the spool release button
Most model of the baitcaster features release bar behind the spool. The first model of the baitcaster featured button on the side of the reel which was inconvenient to operate. These days the release bar assists you pressing with the thumb when you rest it on the reel spool.

Bending the casting arm
·        Bend your right hand or the casting arm at the elbow
·        Keep raising the rod until its tip goes past the vertical
·        This will ensure you precise standing by sending the line out

Sweeping forward the rod to see it rising to the eye level
You need to clarify the rod of the bait to rise up to the eye level. To do so,
·        Lift your thumb off the reel spool
·        It ensures the weight of your bait to line off the spool
·      If you are using salt water fishing bait, you may need to use opposite hand as fulcrum
Stopping the bait as necessary
This is comparable to how you start throwing baitcaster at first. Press the reel spool with your thumb to stop the bait. If you can’t stop the bait, it will continue to spin to the target.

Baitcaster is the better option for fishing. Beginners might feel difficulty when using the baitcaster for the first time. Get a better baitcaster to learn more efficiently for the first time. You may choose the centrifugal reel for more convenient fishing. Head to this post for more Fishing Reel types and follow the above steps to ensure your better and quality use of baitcaster.

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