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Saturday, November 23, 2019

How to use Ankle Weight? Various types and Proper Usage

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Ankle weights are widely available in good sporting stores. Ankle weights generally work by placing pressure on your legs to get more weight during your run, and this extra pressure on legs leave you to work harder. The researchers found that when you have a burden on your legs, it increases your heart rate and energy expenditure which ranges from 3.5 pounds to 10.5 pounds. So, using ankle weight is a huge benefit for your body especially for weight loss. But you need to know how to use ankle weight at first.
Ankle weights can either be useful or dangerous for your health. If you use this correctly, you will get the best result. Otherwise, improper use of ankle weights will make your legs steadily painful. So, you need to know the proper use of ankle weights. Below, you will find the use of ankle weights, size, types and the right time to use ankle weights.

Why should you use ankle weights properly?
Whether you are in advanced or professional levels, you need to know the use of ankle weights accurately. You should note that there is a higher risk of getting an injury and the danger of damaging your ankle while you work out wearing ankle weights.
Researcher says, if you start ankle weights before routine exercise, you will feel more motivated to start your daily use, besides; ankle weights help you to lose your weight at the potential rate. Researchers also include that having a burden on your knee will increase the workaround. Training with ankle weights will step up your efficiency rate more than unburdening lower calves.
While using ankle weights, you may face serious trouble by having a lot of strain on the joints and muscles of your legs, it affects lower leg joints, and if you have an injury, it will intensify the injury area including pain. Check out some do's and don'ts you should know-
  •  Use ankle weights which include breathable material
  • Don’t keep ankle weight on legs all day
  • If you are obese or having the extra weight issue, don't use it
  • Consult with your doctor before changing your routine exercise

Here’s how you should use ankle weights
People use ankle weights to increase the resistance of activities. Ankle weights can increase the strength of lower body, help to burn calories, add resistance to your body weight exercise and add variation to your workout. There are some factors behind using ankle weights. You need to know the wearing, the right time, how to apply for specific benefits and considerations that you should keep in mind. You will find out the ankle weights uses and details below.

Figuring out the right type and size
Choosing the right type and size mark the advent of the proper use and it means choosing the right type and size should be all one needs to do as you are probably serious about using your ankle weights correctly. Some people use the ankle weights for water aerobics or intense exercise.There are different sizes and types for figuring out which kinds of ankle weights are right for you. Check the list below.
Fixed Weight
Fixed weight will allow you to choose the right weight that is suitable for you. Just adjust the pressure each time you use them. Choose the force which is not affecting your leg without making your foot hard to lift.
  • ·        Fixed weights are available from ¼ lbs to 25lbs
Adjusting weight
Using adjustable ankle weights for a variety of workout will mean that you are using a different level of resistance, relying on your workout. Adjustable weight ensures you challenge yourself through lifting different types of pressure with different exercises.

Heavier weight vs. water weights
According to research, most people prefer waterfilled weights than sand filled. Water filled weights are more suitable due to its more comfortable transportation; you can refill them at your place and allowing you to get more flexible around.
Weights varieties
Ankle weights mainly vary in size and weight and are based on how much resistance you need to perform the exercise with an ankle weight. Adjustable straps ankle weight ensure you to wear the proper format according to the size of your leg.
Putting on ankle weights right
The right use depends much on how one wears ankle weights. Putting on the masses correctly is the most critical step one should consider taking successfully. Below, you will find out how to put on ankle weights correctly.
Inspect your pair ankle weights first.
See if your ankle weights are functional and check if your product has adjustable metal D-Ring double strap closure system for a snug and comfortable fitting. Later, find out if the importance of the ankle weight suits your leg.
Do this if your skin is sensitive.
If you have sensitive skin, wear socks or different clothes to make your skin more comfortable with ankle weights. Otherwise, you may not have the endurance to go on wearing ankle weights.
Wrap the weights around the legs appropriately.
Appropriate wrapping of ankle weights is mandatory. Make sure you make straps around your leg less-tightened. It will ensure the proper blood supply in your legs.
  • Make sure you wrap one weight around each lower leg
 Tighten the fasteners and adjust the masses with your leg.
Ankle weights consist of different cables with loop straps including double back through O-rings and D-rings. So, tighten your ankle weights properly with these hooks and rings.
  • Focus on tighten ankle weights, so they don't shift around much
Check the pressures on both legs.
Wrap the loads around one of your calves, secure the ends with straps and pull sleeve type-sleeve weights over your feet and up your calves.Put on the ankle weight on other and keep both loads at the same height. Walk around sometimes to get used to the ankle weights and its bulk weights wrap around your leg.
  • Make sure all seams are fully intact
  • Check if all extra plate gets closed securely
How not to use ankle weights
  • Increase your pace to get benefits from your exercise
  •  Lock your ankle weights properly
  •  Try keeping your loads over your long pants
  •  Don’t sleep with wearing ankle weights on
  • For the overweight issue, do not use an ankle weight
  • Wear tall socks if you don’t feel cozy enough
  • Set a target number of repetitions when using ankle weights
  • When you complete the repeats, you should form heavier weights
  • Never skip the ankle weights inspection
  • Burdens might fall on you, be careful

Using ankle weights for the abs
You can always use ankle weights to grow your lower abs muscle or give it a shape. Your lower abs muscles are enormous compared to the rest of your body. When you do sit-ups, you can use ankle weights to put pressure on your hips, legs. Make sure you do these slowly with control. You can easily fall in danger if you don't do it.
Using them for legs
Your lower body muscles are enormous compared to the rest of your body. They can help you increase endurance, flexibility, and range of motion. While you are doing sitting leg extensions, use the ankle weights, and it will ensure the different vibe and fatigue them in working out.

When is the right time to use ankle weights?
You can force your core and legs with ankle weights. You can use it to reduce time consuming rate while you do the casual exercise. You can reduce your workout time by adding extra burdens to your workout.
For instance, if you workout on legs and core for 20 minutes, you can add ankle weight to make yourself fatigue in just 10 minutes. Ankle weights add extra resistance to your body when exercises become less hard and more robust for you. If you have lower back problems, add ankle weights to put pressure on your back and reduce the pain by working out.

Ankle weight can strengthen your muscles and make your work harder during your exercise. There is an injury risk which may occur when you improperly do the training with heavy weights.
This is the new trend these days to bulk up your legs and maintains your body weight by putting pressure on your legs. You may want to check ankle weight once to test the endurance of your body. 

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