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Monday, November 18, 2019

How to Barspin BMX? Various Ways to Do It

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Barspin is an artistic and stylish way for having fun with BMX riding. Riders find it a way to spend time with inventing new and cool ways to ride the BMX bike. You need to practice harder to avoid fear and take some practice to pull it off. So, you need to know how to barspin BMX efficiently.
Riders prefer BMX riding since they can step up their different barspin tricks. Barspin helps to tone your muscles specially your lower half of the body. Below, you will find out the different ways to do the barspin.

What does barspin mean for a BMX biker?
Barspin is a great way to enhance the BMX bicycle trick where rider rotates the handlebars while in the air. Riders practice barspin on easy and comfortable surface. Below, you will find out the ways to do barspin and importance of BMX biker.

How to Barspin BMX?
Barspin is a way to ride and having fun on BMX bicycle. You can spend hours by messing around gaps ramps with bar spin. Practice harder and later you will get the result in hand. Check the different barspin performing tricks below. Before you start barspin, remember to follow these to pull off barspin technique.
  • ·        Know the right hand movements
  • ·        Having confidence in yourself
  • ·        Regular practicing

Inspect your bike thoroughly
Check your bike thoroughly before starting the barspin. Make sure you check all the gears and parts to safely bike through the barspin. Check your helmet and other parts of the bike to ensure the safety precautions for your bike. See the points below on how to inspect your bike properly prior to starting the barspin.
·        Examine the tires and make sure they are solid
·        Tighten the stunt pegs, handlebars, Bike’s seat
·        Replace the helmet if it has cracked on different sides

Master the bunny hop
The bunny hop is the most well-known and the simplest trick on BMX bike. Most BMX bicycle tricks use bunny hop. To make yourself mastered on bunny hop technique, you need to start riding at slow and steady speed.
Bunny hop includes jumping both rear and front wheels of the bike and staying on the ground at the same time. This trick will let your bike fly into the air to escape or jump over obstacles. Here are some recommendations below
  • ·        Bunny hop includes two different tactics; one is front pull, and other is back hop
  • ·        You can use front pull and back hop to lift your bike off the ground
  • ·        Keep your bunny hop as high as possible to do repeated barspin
  • ·        You need to keep your wheels roughly level to make stress-free landing
Facts about bunny hop
  • ·        Most tricks of BMX bike use bunny hop technique
  • ·        Without knowing bunny hop, you can’t do ‘180’ BMX trick

Attempt to spin the bars on the ground
Spinning the bars on the ground is another barspin trick. Sit on your bike and work on your back wheel by keeping it against a wall. Raise the front wheel from the ground a little bit. Pull one side of the bars towards you and let the bars spin full 360-degrees. Here are some recommendations.
  • ·        This trick is easily operational on the ground
  • ·        Handlebars motion and hand movements need to get perfect
  • ·        Use the right hand to initiate the barspin, if you ride with right foot
  • ·        Examine yourself by doing barspin in both directions
  • ·        Choose the barspin direction in which you feel cozy and comfy

Ride at a moderate speed
Riding at moderate speed is the requirement to do the barspin efficiently. Barspin doesn’t need a lot of speed different to some other BMX tricks. Pedal your bike and launch with moderate speed to get a comfortable riding. Let’s see some recommendations.
  • ·        If you are in fear of getting injury, then choose a soft or grassy surface

Take your newly found “Bunny Hop” skills to the next level
Try bunny hop technique if you can adapt the speed you are craving for. Level out your bike when you put yourself in the air. Hold the front of your bike and pull up slightly right above the back wheel. As the front wheel will be going down, you should spin the handle bars in the meantime.

Do tricks with the bar
This trick is the same kind of movement that you have done earlier. Put your hands somewhat away from the bar and pull a side of the bar towards your body. Concentrate on the bar to catch it later at ease. Here are some recommendations for this trick.
  • ·        When you spin the bar, always let the bar pull towards you
  • ·        Pulling towards you will ensure and keep your bike levelled
  • ·        Spin the bike as quickly as possible

Catch the bike’s bar softly and land on the ground
Catch the bar of the bike when it spins around and later drop both hands back onto the handlebars. Push the back wheel down a little bit so that it hits the ground at first. Later, level the bike’s front wheel to prevent the bike from deviating. Check out the recommendations.
  • ·        Bending knees naturally will allow you to absorb the shock of hitting the ground
  • ·        Tightly grasp the handlebars and bend your knees slightly as you land
  • ·        Pulling off the landing is the most vital part of the trick
  • ·        When you do the 360 rotation, try using the other hand to grab them
  • ·        When the bars go straight, grab them as fast as you can

Points to remember
We have discussed some barspin tactics above, but you need to take precaution while doing this bike trick. You must follow this idea to execute barspin techniques efficiently. Remember the cautions below.
  • ·        Do barspin on soft grass or surface where you feel comfortable enough
  • ·        Do barspin without brakes
  • ·        Consider doing barspin mostly in the air
  • ·        Try to follow the professional barspin riders
  • ·        First, follow the tricks that your body can adapt to
  • ·        You need to practice the barspin technique regularly
  • ·        Do the catching tricks in front of your knuckles
  • ·        When you do the catching tricks, make sure your hands are safe enough
  • ·        Use one hand when doing a rotation technique
  • ·        Finish the barspin tricks by using both hands at the same time

Barspin is an excellent technique to generate and gain muscle power. You will gradually get the result at the end of the day doing different bike tricks. The above discussion has explained the importance and ways to do the barspin techniques in a different way. Remember to learn these tricks within a week or two.

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