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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Easily Earn Money from Home 2019: (Microworkers & Picoworkers Review)

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Online money earning sites are everywhere on internet. Finding one of the trusted money earning websites is not an easy-peasy task. You have to be peaky and search over many protocols, rules to screen out the untrusted one. But there are few websites that can pay you fair amount of money in a single day, such as, Picoworkers and Microworkers. We have researched over these websites and these money earning micro working sites really pay you fair amount of money. 

Offered Tasks Picoworkers
Most of the task in picoworkers include small and microworking jobs and easy to finish with a fingertip. The most available jobs are signing up, visiting websites, facebook, instagram, YouTube likes and subscribe which pays only 0.02 to 0.10 bucks. But there are high paying jobs, such as, installing app on your mobile device, PC or signing up with additional task and it pays considerably higher amount with 0.20 to 0.45 bucks. 
So, if you just spend a fair amount of time in front of your desktop then you can easily earn up to 4 to 5 bucks a day!
I have finished some of  Picoworkers tasks and got paid in Paypal.

The green one shows the task has been paid and the grey one shows tasks need employers check and to be paid. If you think you have been misrated and you have strong evidence of properly submitted task then complain in the ‘misrated’ section. They will review it and pay for your submitted task.

Provide Job as An Employer
Another feature of picoworkers is you can earn revenue by submitting your website or your other project to have more visitor or follower. Just submit work as an employer and hire random workers around the world o fulfill your task.

How to work in Picowrokers? [Video Tutorial]

Signup and Withdrawal
You just have to sign up for an account and you will get sign up bonus of $0.75 instantly, remember you can only register one id per ip. If you get caught by the system with multiple id, you will be banned immediately.
Withdraw money from Paypal, Litecoin, Ethereum and the minimum amount is $5.00+Fee. When using paypal, make sure you have verified paypal account and you can receive payment from United States. One thing to remember, you need to pay withdrawal fees in order to get paid. See their fee rates.
  • ·         Paypal à 5.45%
  • ·         Litecoin à 5.40%
  • ·         Ethereum à 6.90%

Easy ways to earn money from home 
Earn through small micro jobs
Small fee rates for withdrawing
Easy sign up procedure to get paid online
Easy surveys to make money
Submit job as an employer

Limited Withdrawal Options
Sign up bonus cannot be withdrawn

I have found some fraud in Picoworkers who will never pay you. I won’t mention the country or the username as it might get offended to somebody. I can offer you a trick to find out any fraud who is consistently denying job proofs.
Go to ‘Tasks I finished’
Click the job ‘details’
Look for the ‘Employer’
Click the Username
Peek into their profile
See the image below

See the percentage of ‘Not satisfied’ and ‘Satisfied’ jobs in ‘Employer’ section. If you see ‘Not satisfied’ is in high percentage then you shouldn’t do their task. They will misrate your task and later, you are not going to perform any job in Picoworkers, if your reputation goes below 75%.
And last but not the least, their ‘complain’ section is baseless, no point of wasting time complaining about specific employer. They won’t listen to you.

This website is one of the leading micro working sites in online. I love to work in this website due to high paying tasks ranges from 2 to 5 bucks! This micro working site works just like the way picoworkers does. In terms of service, high paying micro jobs and job varieites, Microworkers is superior to Picoworkers. In fact, Microworkers came first online in 2009.

Offered Task
This micro working site offer similar jobs like Picoworkers. But Microworkers have unique job categories, such as, Hire Group Jobs and Basic Jobs. Basic and Hire Group job tasks are similar but the difference is you get fixed time to finish Hire Group Jobs and job gets locked for you as long as the time counts to zero.
On the other hand, Basic Jobs feature no time and can be stopped at any time. Moreover, Basic jobs stay alive as long as required quota of ‘work done’ field doesn’t get filled up by others. See my earnings below

You need to maintain 75% working proficiency or else you will lose the account or cant do any basic jobs.

How to work in Microworkers? [Video Tutorial]

Provide Job as an Employer
You can open a job field for workers to give revenue to your website or your project. Just open a campaign and give them some fees before opening a campaign and start receiving revenue to your project.
Sign up and Withdrawal
You just have to sign up for an account and remember you can only register one id per ip. If you get caught by the system with multiple id, you will be banned immediately.
Another thing is, new user needs to get verified by their home address. Microworkers will send a letter to your home address containing the verification pin for first time withdrawal. When you get the verification pin, simply place it to withdraw your requested money for the first time. If the verification pin is correctly placed, you won’t be bothered next time to withdraw your money. See the letter below that I have got

This classifies that Microworkers system is not so easy to bypass like other micro working sites. You need to verify yourself at first to successfully withdraw the first time amount.
Moreover, you can withdraw money from Local Bank Transfer, Moneybookers, Payoneer, Paypal, there is a minimum withdrawal fees to withdraw your money. See the image below

The only drawback I have faced so far with this money earning site is, I have been rejected couple of times while completing some basic jobs successfully. Some scammers didn’t pay me, later, I reported this issue to micro workers. So, guess what? I didn’t get any response from Microworkers authority. Their service in terms of reporting scammers is total eyewash and baseless.
So, I recommend you to focus on completing task, prior, you can check employer's profile to make sure they don't deny tasks consistently and you don’t get caught by the scammers anyhow.
Easy ways to earn money from home
Earn through small micro jobs
Small fee rates for withdrawing
Submit job as an employer
First withdrawal takes long time
Whim at responding to Scammer ‘job reports’

If you want to earn money in no time doing small micro working jobs then picoworkers and Microworkers welcome you. Start earning money while you have time and remember, only trust websites that pay you with little amount to withdraw.

…Stay connected to this post for trusted money earning sites…

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