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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Does the Ab Roller really Work? Different Workouts Step-by-Step

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Ab roller is the equipment which has been using by trainers and athletes for years. You can find ab wheel in two standards. It is mostly a roller or wheel with a rod in the center of it. Another one is a dual one which is better to operate than the single ab roller. So, what about its effectiveness and does the ab roller really works? We will find out in the later part.
Always remember that you are the sole controller of this equipment and its effectiveness depends on you when you will use it correctly. Make sure you are controlling the ab wheels by making it going back and forth with proper distance and direction. Afterward, you can realize the value of ab roller. So, in the later part of this discussion we will know about the effectiveness and actual benefits of the ab roller.

Different Muscles That Ab Wheel Works
If it’s your dream to grow and strengthen your core muscle, you should try to use the ab roller wheel which could be the helpful instrument to make yourself look rock-solid. Most people don’t find it helpful at first due to its innocent and simple look. But look doesn’t always count; you need to consider the workability in the first place.
Ab wheel generally targets your hip muscle. But you can find different kinds of muscles that grow during Ab wheel workout. Check out those below.
Core Muscle Group
Core muscles generally considered as the stabilizing muscles when you use Ab wheel roller. When you exercise, your core muscles don’t move easily even if you hold any posture. The muscles in lower abdomen and sides of your torso mainly grow during this exercise. When you push the Ab wheel away and pull it back to you, it stabilizes your torso. Let’s look at the core muscle at a glance.

  • ·        Stabilizing muscles
  • ·        Lower abdomen muscles
  • ·        Muscles of torso
Target Muscle Group
We said earlier that Ab wheel mainly targets your hip muscle or in medical term, iliopsoas. You can find it around your hips. This muscle consists of two parts iliacus and psoas. You can call it as hip flexor which indicates you use this muscle when flexing your hip. Let’s look at the target muscles at a glance.
  • ·        Iliopsoas
  • ·        Iliacus
  • ·        Psoas
Other Groups
During exercise, you will find your several muscles are operating together. Synergist is the name of these muscles. Synergist also includes leg muscles, such as, the Sartorius, and adductors. There are other synergist muscles in your torso, chest and upper back. Synergist muscles here-

  • ·        Synergist
  • ·        Sartorius
  • ·        Adductors
  • ·        Latissimus Dorsi
  • ·        Pectoralis
  • ·        Rhomboids
Digging Deep into the ‘Efficiency’ Factor
While you are using something for your benefits but later getting no results, that’s probably you are not using it properly. To get the expected result, always think about the outcome at first. You will get the expected result more efficiently when you use it in several different ways.
As this discussion is about ab roller, we will try to find out how we can use ab roller in a several different ways. We will know about the different exercises using Ab roller wheel. Check the exercises below.

Roll-Out (Knee, Single Arm and Leg)
Roll-out is a classic abdominal workout which gives you shaping your abdomen and body with different styles of exercises. Here are some Roll-Out exercises you will find beneficial for your good looking abdomen.

This simple exercise mainly pressurizes your knees. You will need ab wheel and a soft pad or mat for your knees. Knee roll-out is an excellent exercise which gives your abdominals and stabilizer muscles, arms and shoulders a shape. Do 8 to 10 reps for beginners and for intermediate you will need to extend the reps number and for advanced 20 to 30 reps will be enough.
How to Perform?
  • ·        Start your workout on both knees holding ab wheel
  • ·        Grip the core holding by arms
  • ·        Roll the wheel forward until your body goes straight on the ground
  • ·        Repeat the reps while going back to the starting position
Single Arm
This knee workout is a challenging task due to one hand work out. Here you roll arm supporting full body weight. Your stabilizer muscles work time to time to keep you upright. This specific workout will give you strong and stout abs. Let’s see how to perform it.

How to Perform?
  • ·        Start your workout with roller on the ground
  • ·        Bend at your waist and hold the roller with one hand
  • ·        Start rolling out slowly
  • ·        Make sure you don’t get into sloping position
Single Leg
This is another addition to knee workout. This single leg knee workout is challenging due to it needs significant stabilizer muscle strength. 5 to 10 reps are enough for this workout. Here is how to do it properly.
How to Perform?
  • ·        Start workout by placing your feet together
  • ·        Hold the handle of the wheel
  • ·        Straighten your back
  • ·        Start rolling forward
  • ·        Lift one leg while extending straight while you roll forward fully
  • ·        Get the wheel back to your feet while rolling
  • ·        Bend at the waist to get back to your starting position

Front Roll-Out (Both Narrow and Wide Stances)
After finishing the roll-out exercise, you can do the front roll-out one. It doesn’t require much effort and easy to do. This front roll-out exercise will be much easier if you can do the full roll-out exercise mentioned above. Here is some of the front roll-out exercise you should try.
Narrow Roll-Out
Narrow roll-out keeps your body engages along with your arms, back, shoulders and your abs as well. Once you can do the full roll-out, you will be able to do the narrow roll-out as well. Do 5 to 10 reps.Check out the narrow roll-out procedure that you can follow.
How to Perform?
  • ·        Start your workout with roller on the ground
  • ·        Bend at your waist and hold the roller with one hand
  • ·        Straighten your back
  • ·        Start rolling forward
  • ·        Your arms should be over in your head
  • ·        Your body will get straightened on the ground
  • ·        Roll the wheel back and repeat the steps
Wide Stances
This knee roll-out stands on wide stance performing the full roll-out with your feet together. Wide stance knee workout helps you to balance and provides full support to your knee.
How to Perform?
  • ·        Stand with your feet and wider your hip-width apart
  • ·        Bend at your waist and hold the roller with one hand
  • ·        Straighten your back
  • ·        Start rolling forward
  • ·        Your arms should be over in your head
  • ·        Your body will get straightened on the ground
  • ·        Roll the wheel back and repeat the steps
Knee Tucks
Knee tucks exercise is special because it uses your feet rather than your hands. This exercise will benefit your lower abdominals and with stabilizer muscle in the arms and shoulders. Do the reps 8 to 12 times. Here is how to do it.
How to perform?
  • ·        Set yourself in a plank position
  • ·        Keep your hands under your shoulder and back straight
  • ·        Roll the wheel and bring your knees to your chest
  • ·        Spread your knees and return to your plank position

V Roll-Outs
V roll-outs are the identical exercise to normal knee roll-outs. The difference is it helps you to put pressure on the obliques. See how to perform section below.
How to perform?
  • ·        Start kneeling on the ground
  • ·        Hold handle of the roller
  • ·        Extend your arms and turn slowly to your right
  • ·        Turn at 45 degree angle
  • ·        Get back to your starting position
  • ·        Keep your angle on the left side
  • ·        Repeat the steps

Ab Wheel Plank
This common abdominal exercise helps you to build strength and have muscular body. Ab wheel ensures growth of your muscular density. Ab wheel plank is one of the best exercises for beginners. Let’s check out the performing section-
How to perform?
  • ·        Spread your hands and feet while holding ab wheel
  • ·        You have to be straightened on the ground before start doing it
  • ·        Hold the handle of the roller with both hands
  • ·        Hold your roller and stay still for 40 to 60 seconds
  • ·        Repeat all the steps

Oblique Tuck
This is another addition to the knee ab roller workout. This exercise helps your knee tuck to engage oblique and stabilize your muscle. You can repeat it for 8 to 12 times. Check out how to perform it below.

How to perform?
  • ·        Set yourself up in plank position
  • ·        Keep your hands under your shoulder and back straight
  • ·        Roll the wheel and bring both knees toward your right elbow
  • ·        Spread plank back and roll in toward your left elbow
  • ·        Put your upper body back in straight line

Bridge Hold
The Bridge holds help growing your stabilizer muscles throughout the core and lower body and glutes as well. Let’s see how to perform bridge hold exercise.
How to perform?
  • ·        Start with your back
  • ·        Placing hips toward the sky, bring roller toward your glutes
  • ·        Make sure your roller doesn’t roll away while holding with your feet
  • ·        Squeeze your glutes, raise them as high as you can
  • ·        Keep your abs braced all the time

Plank to Pike
This specific exercise helps you keep your body form straightforward and holds your position to take strength and endurance in your abs and back of your body including core. This exercise is no difference than ‘knee tucks’ but the only difference is, it requires you to keep legs straight.
How to perform?
  • ·        Set yourself in a plank position
  • ·        Keep your hands under your shoulder and back straight
  • ·        Roll the wheel in toward your upper body
  • ·        Bend from your hips
  • ·        Pike your glutes toward the sky
  • ·        Spread your body back to starting position
  • ·        Repeat this for 8 to 10 reps

What’s the truth then?
So, after discussing about several techniques of ab roller workouts, what do you say? Does the ab roller really work? I will try to clear it up by discussing the benefits of this specific tool. Ab roller wheels have several benefits and it helps to grow your muscles. Following, you will know about the benefits of Ab roller whether it works efficiently or not.
  • ·        First thing you will appreciate about Ab roller is, It improves your body’s core stability
  • ·        It helps you to stretch and improves flexibility
  • ·        Your muscles work together to properly execute the movement
  • ·        It helps your spine to stay in a position and well-balanced
  • ·        It helps building stable core and decreases risk of injury
  • ·        In the end, you will achieve great shape by Ab roller
  • ·        It actually a great tool for the relief from back pain
  • ·        It makes your physique nimble and swift
  • ·        It tones up your body shape
  • ·        It increases overall strength
  • ·        It increases mobility
  • ·        It helps you making solid abs

Ab roller is beneficial for you to shape up your body and muscles. It is portable and affordable tool than any other gym tools. So, you should consider having an Ab roller for instant workout at your home and shape up your body’s muscle.
However, there are some drawbacks of using Ab roller. If you are not accustomed to use gym equipments, avoid using Ab roller. You may get abdominal pain when using this equipment.

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