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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Everything You Want to Know about Crossdressing

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You all know about dressing up in a traditional way, but if you dress up in a way that people would look at you sarcastically and snide you or in some cases you might get praised for being different! When Talking about cross-dressing, it is one of the talked topics in this 21st century, and people want to make variety of changes in their lifestyle by bringing something peculiar! People love to get changed, and cross-dressing is another revolutionary change in this era.
Crossdressing varies male to female. Men might prefer to wear some dresses that women wear and women might prefer to wear dresses that men wear or men be men or women be women being dressed up in traditional senses. Some people do it just for fun, or their job is to do it, or some people still prefer to do like the opposite gender.

What is cross-dressing?
Informally, cross-dressing is the definition of dressing up in a nonsensical way, like dressing up being women from men or from women to men. People prefer crossdressing for many reasons, some prefer having fun with friends, some likes to spend through experimenting with the expression of people while dressing up in opposite gender.
Being dressed up in opposite gender might cost you scold, snide from people but some people approach crossdressing from early age. They might not have proper dressing sense, hence, they do it for sole purpose.

Cross-dressing or transvestism has been rolling out for years, and now it's been a while, and it is a trend these days, especially, in theatre and acting. There are many instances throughout the history that explain it better. History suggests that there have been significant changes in cross-dressing through a variety of reasons. In literature and theatre, we found something particular that comes handy.

It was once considered a social and religious conflict in between dressing up like traditional and non-traditional way. Cross-dressing mainly happened for a reason in the early nineteenth century. Such as, Margaret King and Drag queen used to dress up as a crossdresser. From time to time it has been a trend to be a crossdresser.
Before people dressed up for theatre and literature and some for performance art but these days, it has been a fashion or trend to be a crossdresser. Even people like to change their gender these days let alone crossdressing. Though it was hard for a crossdresser to survive, they often appear on TV or media and people treat them like a real crossdresser. Regardless of the adverse reactions from public, crossdressers still survive in the theatre or through literature.

How to crossdress
Crossdressing is like a regular dress up but in opposite gender to accomplish their activities like men to be women or women being men or performing the task of their role in different sectors of media. Crossdressing has no particular way of dressing other than being men to women or women to men. This guideline might help you through the process to be a crossdresser
Being men to women
To be successfully transformed into a woman one needs to choose a feminine type or muscular body that looks quite like a woman; one needs to focus on the external part of the body to be a crossdresser.
An outer portion of the body that catches fast attention to human eye and if anybody wants to be a particular character they need to change their outfit and the external portion of the body like they are eased up being this character.
If a character shows something comedic they want to change something into comedic effect like a big massive man turn into a Barbie or fairy costume; focus on your smaller part of the body structure as well to be a woman; Pay attention to nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair as well.
Being women to men
This part is just like the previous part but entirely different from ''men to women’’ since it is women to men; first, women should be attentive to their hairstyle as men prefer not to have long hair.
As men are typically hairy you should try not to remove your body hair; Dress like a professional and have mustache at least to look like a man; as women prone to get beefy overtime you should exercise regularly to have a muscular or a skinny look.
Laws for cross-dressing
Certain countries charge for being crossdresser in public that leads to get jail penalty or could lash for that immoral act. For instance, some countries
  1. UAE: Forbidding cross-dressing law might get you in prison or might exile you from the state 
  2. Kuwait: you get charged for money and detained by the police 
  3. Malaysia: You get detained and get remanded for being a crossdresser

These are some instances of country specific law being crossdresser and these countries hold some conservative values but there are some more stories behind it. These countries allow other Homosexual or bisexuality and third gender, but they won't allow transsexual activity or transsexuality.
Some of the crossdresser friendly countries are Spain, Singapore, England, USA, France, and Portugal.

The psychology behind Crossdressing
A man would never be a woman or a woman would never be men being crossdresser in real life. There are some psychological facts behind it. If a woman certainly breaks her shackles and be a fully grown man being dressed up like a grown man with beard and short hair she will undoubtedly be a comic character in the society. So, what’s the reason behind being a crossdresser? Some probable points,
Some people don’t like being a specific gender; the reason is more likely they don’t find it fascinating being a man or woman. Somehow they want to change it to the opposite gender; they want to find peace being a male or female.
Sometimes people want to see fancy changes in their life, and they end up being sexually transformed to experience it to the fullest at their satiety.
Being indecisive, they think their life would become much enjoyable if they somehow change their gender. So, a crossdresser crave is to choose the opposite gender and live life to the fullest.
Young generation thinks that being Crossdresser would be a fun and often they desperately do it to get involved in theatre or to be the part of a drama, dressing up like opposite gender in theatre might consider as casual attire for a moment but if the person gets accustomed to it then later it would be the danger for an actor.

Effects of being Cross-dresser
Crossdressing could be useful if there is a specific purpose to do it, such as, for Drama or theatre but it could be harmful if anybody use it for sexual pleasure. Some people feel alone in their life, and they want to do something different in their life being a crossdresser.
Cross-dressing happens for a different purpose, but some people take it as a fun stuff. People put on high heels or having wigged to be a different human and end up by ridiculed in front of the public.
They understand what kind of action is that but they want to do it to get attraction and attention, and this leads to them to the ultimate destruction of being more heinous acts like having pornography or making sexual content.
Cross-dressing demands something that has harmful effects on the mind of an individual. Men and women look different, and they want to change it by transforming them into something undesirable. Although they change their personality, they still look identical to their original self. That is the reason people laugh at them, and they have them ridiculed.
Facts about Cross-dressing
Though crossdressing seems quite stressful as it alters a man into woman and it is a tough task to be a complete man or woman. There are some facts about cross-dressing, some are fun, or some might seem ridiculous or painful.
Crossdressers are Homosexual  
Crossdressers consider homosexual in public; some think they change their attire to attract same sex and have a relationship somehow.
Crossdressers are Distorted
Crossdressers are convicted of being changed from their mind; mostly they are considered perverts.
Crossdressers are Mentally Shocked
Crossdressers considered mentally troubled people, they are very much live life to the fullest with their selfish behavior, and they think they would look more elegant with being crossdressers.

Crossdressing, Problem or not?
Crossdressing sometimes considered a huge issue but regarding drama or theatre or learning something being a cross-dresser might not be a problem. There is a concept about cross-dressing that it will harm their life if they get involved with this attire more closely. So, consider this as a problem.
Besides, cross-dressing doesn't make you an inhuman but it changes your identity, and some people like to do it for accomplishing their purpose. It turns your gender and the collective identity that you bear for a long time and people usually will laugh at you if you change your casual attire completely.

Some certain websites supply crossdressing products. Some Crossdressing sites provide the product for goodwill.
Though cross-dressing deemed as a problematic process, There are still some people take it as an entertainment purpose. They use it as a trend to overcome their social status while being incapable of not properly getting adapted with the current situation or their current status. Society should consider it as a person's choice not being a problematic way of thinking this is the wrongdoing of some weirdos!

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