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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Best Places to Travel Solo Female with the List of Place to Avoid

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Your travelling nerdery gets to the highest peak when you find a better place to travel in accordance with the requirement you need. Are you a solo female traveller? Are you socially incapable of handling different people around you or approaching them? Do you shudder when somebody gets a glance of you? These are all the basic factors when women travel alone. But the real thing is, if you are an avid and reckless solo female traveller and looking for the best place to deal then a travelling guide is the pre-requirement for you. There are best places to travel solo female which needs to get checked out at first.
Imagine, you have Google maps, translation apps and cellphone connectivity while you are travelling. These are the basic requirements you need to have at least to safely travel without having any assistance or guide along. But the tension arises when thinking about the places you are travelling. Mostly, some part of Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East are not ideal places to travel, conversely, there are a handful of places that you can make your first travelling choice. Find out these in the following section.

What it feels to travel solo for women?
People travel around the world to explore the cultural diversities. We see people mostly prefer to explore things with their peers or men travel around the world and handle the entire travelling trouble single handedly. When it comes to women about solo travelling, people start to think about the safety or the place they are going to travel or they should take their peers with them for safer travelling.
People have a lot of misconceptions about solo travelling for women. They think it might be dangerous or they need to work under pressure and people would think this woman is lonely and got no one to bring along. There are few myths and wrong public concerns around solo travelling for women that need to get exposed. So, following you will see the myths and true facts about solo women travelling.
Must be incredibly brave & courageous
This is one of the primary myths that people mostly have. You don’t need to be incredibly courageous to travel. Just get over the plane part then blending with the different cultures, finding places and speaking to people is very much easier than you think.
Constant Annoying Attention of Locals
This is one of the major things that people discuss about solo women travelling. This proves to be another myth that people have in their mind. The reality is, there is some unwanted situation occurs while woman travel alone but if you follow their dress code and cultural diversity while staying there, you will be treated with respect.
You need a lot of work to do
People say, a woman needs a lot of work to do while travelling alone. The reality check, many said that they hardly need anything to do on their own. Solo travelling provides you the freedom of what you want to do and your leg work surprisingly gets reduced. Just find a nearby place by asking people or friend which place they like to stay.
Troubling and dangerous for women
Travelling solo for women is troubling and dangerous; people like to prove it correct. You just need to trust your intuition and ask people or guest house authority, what you should keep focusing on and have some common sense.
You shouldn’t be an introvert
If you are socially awkward in meeting and approaching new people, you may find it surprisingly intolerable for you. So, in this sense people find it difficult for an introvert woman to travel around the world. 
But you can easily handle this situation, if you just normally talk to people asking pedestrians where they are from or which place is appropriate for travelers around. Just build up some confidence.
Best places to travel solo female

The world is full of uncertainty; therefore, you need to find out a better and safer place to travel. You are an enthusiast woman traveller who is fond of exploring things and cultural diversities. But the reality is, not all places are safe to travel solo due to the overall condition of different places, so, where to travel alone as a woman? Find out the places below, that needs to get enlisted in your trip for better and safer travelling.

Montreal, Canada
The first travelling spot that comes with beauty including rich cultural history is Montreal, Canada. Montreal has lot of places to hang out that includes beautifully lined up building, built in the 17th century. You can also find the famous Niagara Falls that is a few hours away from Montreal. Some of the famous places to visit there are,
  • ·         Scenic Riverfront Old Port
  • ·         History Museums
  • ·         Grand Old French Restaurants
  • ·         Old Cobblestone Streets
Canadian people are amicable and perky; moreover, Canada is the safest place to travel around alone in North America.

Vancouver, Canada
According to the survey conducted by Crime and safety Report in 2017, the criminal activity in Vancouver is lower than the cities in United States. So, if you are alone or solo traveller, you don't need to think twice, just hit the city. Vancouver offers various tourist attractions and places for travelers.
  • ·         Stanley Park
  • ·         Vancouver Aquarium
  • ·         Queen Elizabeth Park
  • ·         Science World

Toronto, Canada
Ranking as one of the safest cities in the world by Economist Intelligence Unit in 2015, Toronto, Canada is the one city you can choose to visit alone. Toronto is also popular as one of the Dynamic Metropolis cities in the world. Also introduced as a safe haven for travellers, Toronto has many attractive sights and spots to visit.
  • ·         CN Tower
  • ·         Ripley’s Aquarium
  • ·         Casa Loma & more

Rome, Italy
Famed for its sculpture around the city and beautiful, friendly people around including attractive spots, the city will surely hold your nerve. As you walk around the city, you will get lost in the sculpture and visualize the ancient and indulging Roman Forum and Coliseum.
You won’t feel that you are a solo traveller for a moment. The city has many places to offer but you need to have acozy and comfy pair of shoes as you need to walk around this city. Some of the places are-
  • ·         Pope’s Home at Vatican City
  • ·         Saint Peter’s Basilica
  • ·         Piazzas and Cobble Laneways
  • ·         Roman Empire and Cities
The Dolomites, Italy
With beautiful glassy lakes, huge mountains and wooden boats floating in the river, Dolomites is a great place for solo female travellers. The place defines as one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes on earth while having spires, pinnacles, contrasting landscapes in this place. The place is famous for hiking, skate-boarding, skiing and various snowsports. Some places you can visit
  • ·         Lago di Braies
  • ·         TreCime de Lavaredo
  • ·         Sass Pordoi
  • ·         Monte Cristallo
  • ·         Alpe di Siusi
Florence, Italy
With stunning points of interest and many avid travellers around, Florence is one of the cities in Italy that you can give a shot. Florence gets enriched with tourist trail and architectural masterpiece. You can just roam around the city and have food, especially, pizza at the restaurant. The places you can visit
  • ·         Duomo Cathedral
  • ·         Ponte Vecchio
  • ·         PazzaleMichaelangelo

Yubeng, China
Yubeng is a great place for solo female travellers who prefer to travel by foot or mule. The place is great for travellers due to snow covered place and colorful structures like mound that are everywhere, especially on top of the hill.
The place is great for solo travelling, because, on the Himalayas, you always get a warm welcome by the villagers and their curiosity about foreign people. You can find some other Chinese people who visit this place all the time.

Ylläs, Finland
With the unusual weather combination and ice covered country Ylläs, Finland is one of the ideal places for solo female travellers. There Weather somewhat goes below the 30 degrees that is below freezing temperature.
The locals there are super-friendly and if you visit the Aurora Estate which is run by the females, they will manage you some excursions, such as, snowmobiling and snowshoeing or you can talk to the locals for ski bar, husky safari. So, this place is a sure better place for travelling all over the snow covered country.

Are you in quest for a specific country, such as, America? Then NYC is your first choice to explore around the city alone. NYC includes iconic landmarks and famous galleries with world-famous museums in the streets of Manhattan. You can visit the place like, Hudson, people gather to watch in Times Square.
  • ·         Big Apple’s Outer Borough
  • ·         Central Park Roller Blading
  • ·         Hudson River
  • ·         Times Square
Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland Oregon is famous for its decent tourist attraction and one of the best solo female travel destinations in the USA. Mostly, you can walk around the city alone in the night, if you are a solo traveller. Portland's street is a mixture of decent attraction places that would give you the joy and feeling of walking and exploring around the city alone. Some of the other attractive places you can try are,
  • ·         Portland Aerial Tram
  • ·         Portland Art Museum
  • ·         Sapporo bell
  • ·         Pittock Mansion
Charleston, South Carolina, USA
With the historic Downtown area and friendly locals, the Charleston city in South Carolina is the place for ultimate satisfaction for solo travellers. With restaurants and charming boutiques and various places for travelling far by carriage or boat ride would get a pure mind refreshing experience on the way. Just get an accommodation to stay a night in the located hotel. They offer southern retreat package for solo travellers. The places you can visit are
  • ·         Boone Hall Planation
  • ·         Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
  • ·         Fort Sumter National Monument
  • ·         South Carolina Aquarium

Melbourne, Australia
Are you searching for more colorful and artistic cultural activities to travel alone? You can go to Melbourne, Australia and it is by far one of the best places to travel in Australia. You can also hit the museums, galleries, and shopping, architectural beauties all by yourself. Here are some places you can visit.
  • ·         Philip Island
  • ·         The Great Ocean Road
  • ·         Grampians National Park
Melbourne is also the safest place for night walkers, you can happily travel around the city on your own. The people are very friendly and amicable.

Byron Bay, Australia
The gorgeous weather, wonderful beach scenario, hiking trail, lighthouse are some of the places in Byron Bay, Australia. The night markets, vibrant nightlife will attract you to visit the place always.

Hamilton Island, Australia
With better accommodation, sea sailing and gourmet dining, Hamilton Island in Australia is the best place for myriad boat tours for travellers. The island is smaller but big enough to provide you the varieties of activities around. You can accommodate bungalows, villas, hotel rooms to stay there. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina
With mild weather, cultural variations, friendly people and hopping nightlife Buenos Aires is a famous place to sail your travelling urge. You can enjoy talking or sitting next to complete strangers in the bar and making new friends. Try to avoid the high price tourist’s guide and products. The places you can travel there,
  • ·         Casa Rosada
  • ·         La Boca
  • ·         Plaza Del Mayo
  • ·         Eva Patron’s Grave

El Chalten, Argentina
El Chalten in Argentina has towering mountains and scenarios will always attract any traveller in its way. You can enjoy the free hikes they offer there sometimes and of course, restaurants and bars are affordable. If you are an avid trekker, there are some waterfalls where you can try some easy day hikes.
People are very much amiable and friendly there in El Chante. You can always try different foods and drinks in various restaurants. El Chante is an ideal place to enjoy the natural surroundings.

Zanzibar, Tanzania
This magical and attractive place is on the African continent. This place is great for solo travellers and backpackers, and also you can see some romantic places around where couples hang out. The best time to visit this place is in short rain season, especially in November.
There are opportunities for scuba diving, kitesurfing and during the festival; you will find everyone is wearing colorful dresses. The travelling requires sharing taxis, or they call it, ‘daladala’. There are certain places you can peek once
  • ·         Stone Town
  • ·         Kendwa
  • ·         Paje

Prague, Czech Republic
If you are more than an enthusiast to travel solo and want to get stress-free travelling then Prague in the Czech Republic is the best possible place for you. If you want to experience the snowfall, better accommodations and airfare, you will witness the better scenarios here. The places that you can visit
The Dolder Grand, Zurich, Switzerland
This natural and beautiful city is in Switzerland. The place has a spa covering 43,000 sq ft. and it was a record breaking achievement and they won an award for this. If you are looking for cultural diversity, exploring the locations around then this place is the perfect destination for solo travelling.
Some other places that you can consider visiting are, a two-Michelin-Star restaurant, extensive art collection and their hotel will allow travellers to learn about Zurich in their own way.

Clinique La Prairie, Montreaux, Switzerland
This city gets fame and popularity for its health solution. Many travellers visit this place to take better care of their health issue. For solo female travellers, this clinic has a revitalization aspect that covers traveller’s health and safety.
The city is popular for its rejuvenation therapy which has a boosting effect on the immune system of human being. Many travellers take this medication and therapy.

Otres Beach, Cambodia
This coastal area is surely a great attraction place for travellers and one of the best places to travel single female. The place is in Southeast Asia. This has endless coastal area and sandy beaches that always attracts many tourists here. The morning and sunset scenarios are beautiful in this coastal area.
Also, you can do some pedicure, massage and threading service with cheap rate while staying on the beach. The beach has fresh fruits to eat and chill out on the seashore. You can also witness many travellers around, so, you won't get lonely at all!

Siem Reap, Cambodia
This city is one of the ideal places in Cambodia for solo female travellers. Although there is occasional snatching occurs, still you can have a look at this place. The people around are friendly enough and will definitely help you experience the city alone. You can take a bicycle ride to travel around the city to explore farmers markets, vibrant nightlife.Some of the places you can visit here
  • ·         Kandal Village
  • ·         Sok San
  • ·         Taphul Village
  • ·         Khmer New Year Party

Basque Country, Spain
This area is in the northern part of Spain. The city has a lot to offer for solo travellers, fine cuisine, cultural traditions, distinct and romance languages. One of the characteristics of this city is, it has the highest density of Michelin stars per inhabitants.
The famous Guaggenheim museum is in the heart of the Basque Country, called Bilbao. As the Basque country has views and arts to introduce better things for travellers and the best government at the state level, you can say that this city is perfect for any solo travellers.

Alicante, Spain
Previously declared as the best environment based on the weather in the world by the World Health Organization, this city always attracts tourist and travellers. Most of the time tourist come here to get the health benefit, as the city has both eastern and western approaches to health.
The genetic testing and various Chinese medicines provide this city with another view in terms of indulging and focusing on the health issue. Being a better version of yourself, is the primary motto that this city has included for their inhabitants and travellers.

Seville, Spain
This place is ideal for solo female travellers because the city is a peaceful place and includes extensive bus and metro system. The navigation system is very much straight forward and simple. The night scenario is one of the reasons people love this place, especially in Alameda and Triana. Places you can visit are
  • ·         Cathedral of Seville
  • ·         Torre Del Oro
  • ·         The Giralda
  • ·         Alameda de Hercules
Madrid, Spain
Madrid city is one of the biggest cities in Europe and great for solo travelling. It gets packed with sights and attractions and this is the reason it calls travellers easily. The city has art museums, art galleries where you can visit. The place gets jam-packed with many places that you won't feel lonely ever. You can pay a visit to the three best museums
  • ·         The Golden Triangle
  • ·         Reina Sofia Museum
  • ·         Thyssen-Bornemisza

Coffee Bay, South Africa
This place is ideal for solo female travellers who like coastal areas. You need to travel through a long rural village's path to get into this coastal area. The scenario is beautiful and amazing to watch. If you explore this place in the rain, then you may have trouble along the way, because the road gets muddy. But if you are an avid traveller, it's not an issue.
The coffee bay has accommodation facilities that include budget friendly resorts and they are mostly basic. There are small spaza shops and no ATM slot to withdraw cash. So, plan bigger while you want to stay there. You can do hiking, surfing and lots of cliffs and caves you can explore, also get a chance to eat seafood.

Reykjavik, Iceland
This place is one of the safest places to travel and an ideal place for a single woman traveling alone. The city has placed in the Global Peace Index as one of the peaceful places in the world. The Icelandic culture and people with their main epicenter for tourism make Iceland a top and safest, peaceful place to visit. The place visualizes various tourist attractions with Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights formed in postcard-perfect attractions.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
With Venice in the north that summons tourists, Amsterdam already referred to as one of the safest places for solo female travellers. The city has enriched with the well-known museums, Bridges, spectacular architectures. Just dive into the city’s culture and feel the old European city in this 20th century.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of the best places for enthusiast travellers to travel and explore the cities elegant beauty. The city has so much beauty on its ground that it surpasses the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. With historical and cultural diversities, this city has over 300 beautifully designed temples and lots of vegetarian dishes for its visitors.

Bali, Indonesia
If you are searching for relaxing beaches and scenarios with ancient temples, cheaper accommodations and food including better solo female travel destinations, then, Bali, Indonesia is the better choice for you. With luxurious and marvelous resorts, striking scenarios with the Balinese culture that you will ever remember once you visit the place.

The Nusa Islands, Indonesia
With the combination of three islands, viewing the Balinese culture and gorgeous beaches the Nusa Islands of Indonesia is one of the better places to travel for solo travellers. The treehouse and the bluest water with many years of Balinese culture on this island define the beautyand cultural heritage of Nusa Island.
The island is great for all day travelling through the roads and beaches on the bike. You can see other travellers roaming around, so you won't feel alone.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and one of the safest and famous places to the traveller, especially for women. As theyhave cultural varieties, shopping, nightlife including beautiful architecture to offer. You can walk around the city with easy navigation. The bicycle culture is one of the dignities of Copenhagen.

South Island, New Zealand
The exciting and beautiful South Island offers a plethora of places around the place for solo travelers. This place is abundant with the opportunity for hiking, bungee jumping, kayaking and more.
With a whole lot of exciting scenarios and outdoor playground, this place is a must visit for solo travellers. This place gets nominated as one of the world’s most famous places in the world.

Wellington, New Zealand
This urban city has plenty to offer if you visit this place. New Zealand has some restrictions over drinking; you have to be at least 18 years of age.
With funky cafes, Lambton Quay for relaxed dinner and Courtenay Place have many bars and nightclubs for hang out, besides, the city has a wonderful selection of restaurants as well. Some of the places that you can visit there
  • ·         Museum of New ZelandTe Papa Tongarewa
  • ·         Old St. Paul’s
  • ·         The Wellington Cenotaph
  • ·         City Gallery Welington
Queenstown, New Zealand
With historic towns, vineyards and shops in the city and haven for enthusiast’s traveller, Queenstown is one of the standard places to enjoy the solo travelling. The city is also popular for skydiving, bungee jumping and whitewater rafting. Just take a car, plane or ferry to travel around the city and visit the North and South islands. The places you can give a shot
  • ·         Historic Arrowtown
  • ·         Gibbston Valley’s Vineyards
  • ·         Lake Wakatipu

Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto or in another word, one of the most beautiful cities in Japan, this place is abundant with the astonishing beauty of villas and palaces, Kyoto city is a safe place to travel for female solo travelers. The hotels and accommodations in Kyoto are much affordable for staying there as well. It includes some of theUNESCO World heritage sites as well. Here are some of the places that you can visit there-
  • ·         Kamigamo Shrine
  • ·         Tō-ji
  • ·         Shinmogamo Shrine

Palawan, Philippines
The Philippines is one of the places that tourist likes to visit at least once in a lifetime. With the beautiful underwater world and elegantly attracting natural wonders, huge limestone cliffs Philippines may get a place in your tour lists. Philippines people are friendly and they are easily approachable. Some of the places you can visit there are
  • ·         Puerto Princessa Underground River
  • ·         Coron Islands
  • ·         Kyangan Lake

Wild Atlantic Way’s West Coast, Ireland
Wild Atlantic way is one of the newest tourist attractions and a great place for solo travellers. The most enjoyable thing that travellers prefer to do there is Night time kayaking at Atlantic Sea. Lots of travellers come here to visit this place every year and this place is great as solo trips for females.
Travellers enjoy horseback riding, the ancient Dolmen tomb and you can also get to listen to their traditional music and stay in the castle. There are numerous scenic views that you can witness in the West Coast, such as,
  • ·         Mizen Head
  • ·         Clogher Head
  • ·         Cliffs of Moher
  • ·         Aran Islands
  • ·         Kylemore Abbey
Dublin, Ireland
With one of the top attraction places that welcomes you with safer and walkable places to visit in Dublin. The navigation in this city is much easier than you think with holding beautiful museums, churches, local pubs with live music and lovely, friendly people. Dublin has a lot of hostels that are perfect for meeting other travellers as well.

Nairobi, Kenya
This city has been famous for its technology and the giants in the social world, Google, Facebook’s executive visit this place per year. With incredible and artistic fashion scene, this city has a unique kind of interesting things to enjoy as a solo traveller.
You can get public buses, min vans, taxis around for transport facilities. For accommodation, you can stay in a hotel, apartments or budget hotels.

Places to avoid for women solo travelers
We have been discussing the places where you can step your foot in, but there are some other places in the world that are not ideal for solo travellers, especially when it relates to women travelling.
The unsafe places get enlisted by The State Department of U.S. and them alert travellers to stay away from these places. In terms of insecure places, crimes, political and economic situations there are certain places that you shouldn’t visit. See the listing below.

There are several reasons behind Morocco made into this list. The high risks of potential terrorist violence against the citizen of the U.S. get enlisted the country a great risk for travellers. State Department also warned about the crime-aggressive, panhandling, pick-pocketing, snatching are the main concern for travelers.

The crime in this region is a serious issue.  According to the State Department even if you stay at a safe resort or hotel, there is a potential risk for getting robbed. The report also mentioned some of the sexual assault that happened against American visitors in one year period. Particularly, Kingston and Montego Bay are the most crime prone cities.

This Asian country has some issues with terrorism in different states. Attacks have been inflicted in public places on westerners, such as, train stations, hotels, markets, cinemas, mosques, restaurants within the large urban areas.
The State Department also noted that attacks have placed during the busy hour in markets, stations or crowded places;they also mentioned that attack could take place at any time.

This South American country is much dangerous while talking about the safety concern of tourists. The armed robberies, express kidnappings, petty theft, carjacking and fraudulent activities over credit cards are the regular events in this country.

Though this place holds the natural beauty of beaches and islands, there are New Providence that exists in this region called, Nassau and Paradise Island has a criminal threat with armed robbery and sexual assault. The State Department also noted that this region has the highest rate of sexual assault in the Caribbean.

Colombia is a dangerous place for travellers, especially when you are an enthusiast traveller. There were statistics published about travelling in this country and how safe this place is?
The report says, The State Department raised cautions about travelling this country and they include, violence with the domestic insurgency, narco-0trafficking, crime related issue and kidnapping that would occur in rural and urban areas. Just use your common sense to while roaming around.
Most of you may not hear or introduce this country relating to the dangerous place to travel. The Skyscanner women have reported that Ecuador is a fairly safe place comparing other countries, where you can find friendly and supportive people for you.
The State Department reported that pickpocketing, snatching and hotel room theft and kidnappingsare the issues still exists there. So, while you travel this county make sure your valuables are safe enough and stay alert after evening time.

This specific country is quite renowned for its formidable crimes happened around the country all the time. The crime and violence state is at its peak and critical in Guatemala. The travelers should get careful enough while roaming around.
The State Department of U.S. says; hire a cab to go distant places, such as restaurants or hotels instead of walking alone. To avoid snatching or robbery, you need to use a money belt and many more. So, you better off this place for traveling.

Although this place is dangerous for travellers, people still travel to this country. Almost 35 million international travellers visited Mexico in 2016 and the number has increased significantly and it is more than the previous year. When you think about these numbers you can easily assume that the crime is relatively low, but the problem is, it still haunts travellers.
The State Department says that U.S. citizens have been the victim of violent crimes that include kidnapping, carjacking, snatching valuables and homicides. While you think there are safe places, the report also says the recent events of crimes that happened in the city was from a safe place.

In conclude, I hope I have delivered the appropriate places and its detail that you would need for travel. If you want to visit any of the places listed above, just try to stick to their tradition for sometime and follow the instructions provided by The State Development, as you are going to stay there.
Travelling solo provides you to explore things independently and makes your travelling swerve on. Just experience this thing at least once in your lifetime to explore the cultural varieties and have a solo taste of travelling. Goodluck!

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